The Gyrotonic® Difference

Center Strength is one of the few Studios in town that offers Gyrotonic® sessions. Though the equipment appears a bit odd and somewhat intimidating compared to the sleek reformers,  many of our clients add sessions to their Pilates and Yoga routine to enhance opening of their joints and limbs–particularly important in this era of working on computers and other technology.

This method of fitness uses a weight and pulley system.   Like Pilates, Gyrotonic sessions develop lean and supple muscles but is based on using the spiral motion of your spine, increasing both your joint mobility and stability.

Developed by Romanian-born dancer Juliu Horvath in the 1970’s,  he devised this method to help rehabilitate his back and Achilles tendon injuries.  It’s respected throughout much of Europe and is becoming recognized in the United States as an orthopedic-joint and neuro-cognitive modality for rehabilitation.

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In Pilates often it`s the "little things" that can make a big impact on a movement.

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Community ✨

One of the special things about our classes is how they build community. We always want our members to feel inspired and connected when they come in.

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