After a long day, long week or a long workout, our bodies (and minds) need time for restoration. While some people feel that Massage is more about pampering than health care, here at Center Strength we feel Therapeutic Massage is an integral part of any wellness program.

Whether you spent a long week hunched over a computer problem solving a work project; are an athlete in training or a parent who had a long day juggling the demands of parenthood, your joints, muscles, tendons and bones need TLC.

Our Massage Therapists have years of experience and in a variety of massage therapies far beyond a basic relaxation Swedish style.  Deep Tissue.  Cranial Sacral.  Hot Stone.  Trigger Point Therapy and more.  We offer 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Include consistent Massage Therapy into your healthcare mix and you will see the benefits reaching into many parts of your life far beyond the relaxation you feel right after a session.  Increased circulation, enhanced flexibility, stress and pain reduction.

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Take a moment this morning just to breathe. 🙏 ...

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First we Pilates, then we go about our days. 🙏✨ #pilates #pilatesquote #denverpilates ...

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Expert cueing from instructor Martina @hookedonpilates 💪⁠

In Pilates often it`s the "little things" that can make a big impact on a movement.

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Community ✨

One of the special things about our classes is how they build community. We always want our members to feel inspired and connected when they come in.

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