At Center Strength all new Pilates clients start here:
with a private Introductory Session

We ask that new Pilates Clients start our pilates journey together with a $60 private 55-minute Introductory Session.   This session will include a physical assessment to ensure we consider any physical limitations–and your safety—as well as an intro to studio specific equipment.  You will also spend time on the equipment learning some of the pilates basics.

Typically five private sessions are recommended for clients to gain familiarity with alignment and cues, personal equipment settings, spring changes, prop handling, and recommended modifications before adding the challenge of a faster paced group. Your instructor will provide a personalized recommendation for moving forward based on your goals.

Are you a Pilates Pro?  If so, your instructor will most likely be able to approve you for immediate access to groups classes at the conclusion of your Introductory Session.

All New Clients are encouraged to take advantage of our New Client Get Centered Be Strong Introductory Package and experience more of what our Studio has to offer.  This package includes 5 private sessions; a $10 gift card to the Green Collective and a 20% off card for our sister boutiques, centered+STRONG or the Outpost.  All located within steps of our Studio.* Special restrictions apply.

For more information on our Group Classes, head to our Group Class Page.

Get Centered and Be Strong
with our New Client Studio Introductory Package | $375

Clients new to our Studio are able to enjoy our New Client, “Get Centered and Be Strong” Package:  Includes 5 private pilates sessions at a value price.

Call now to speak with a member of our Client Service team, 303-333-6674, or schedule online:

As we enjoy the last week of May, let’s not forget that we have more beautiful days ahead of us. Every day is a great day for Pilates! ✨ ...

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Every day is a good day for a group class. 🙌⁠

Visit us for your midweek pick-me-up. ♥︎

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Men do Pilates too! 💪

Come visit @nadatka9 on Tuesdays at 8:00am for intermediate reformer and 9:00am beg/intermediate reformer!

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It’s a beautiful sunny Friday in the studio, we can’t wait to see you. ❤️ ...

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