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We are now offering massages at Center Strength Studio.

Schedule a massage today. We offer Massage at our Gaylord and Broadway locations. Golden Massage coming soon!

Single 60 minute Massage $85

Single 90 Minute Massage $110

Package of 5 Massages (60 minute) $365

Click here to book a massage. Select Massage from the Appointment dropdown menu to view availability.


Think of a tree.  Does it have all its strengths in its limbs? No. The tree is only as strong as its trunk and its roots. Without a strong trunk, the tree would topple over.  It’s the same for human bodies.  Core strength is essential to better posture, flexibility and balance in all aspects of our life.

Known best for strengthening our cores, Pilates also works out our entire body.  Because it focuses on building long lean muscles that are less injury prone than muscles built by traditional weight bearing workouts, Pilates is being used widely by professional athletes and sports teams.  It’s also used as part of the PT process, it is safe yet effective part of physical therapy programs.  And because it creates visible results, celebrities are using Pilates to stay “camera ready”.


Come see how we’ve grown!

Check out our expanded weekend schedule at Center Strength South Gaylord. TRX classes are available at Center Strength South Gaylord and at our Golden location. Barre classes are now available at Center Strength South Broadway and Golden.