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Schedule a Therapeutic Massage today.

Enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic massage.  Increased circulation, lower blood pressure, pain reduction and more.  We offer therapeutic Massage at our Gaylord Studio.  Schedule one today.

Single 60 minute Massage $85

Single 90 Minute Massage $110

Package Rate:  $75

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Think of a tree.  Does it have all its strengths in its limbs? No. The tree is only as strong as its trunk and its roots. Without a strong trunk, the tree would topple over.  It’s the same for human bodies.  Core strength is essential to better posture, flexibility and balance in all aspects of our life.

Known best for strengthening our cores, Pilates also works out our entire body.  Because it focuses on building long lean muscles that are less injury prone than muscles built by traditional weight bearing workouts, Pilates is being used widely by professional athletes and sports teams.  It’s also used as part of the PT process, it is safe yet effective part of physical therapy programs.  And because it creates visible results, celebrities are using Pilates to stay “camera ready”.

Recommit to Fitness Journey

Recommit to Fitness Journey

Have you been avoiding commitment?

It's been a tough year. We imagine you've put your self care on the backburner. Let's help you recommit to fitness. Join our 30 day Fitness Journey. You'll earn points for attending specific pilates, yoga or barre classes, adding in new nutrition tips into your week as well as getting out and about a bit more. Starts February 15th and ends March 15th.

Our game board

Check off the tasks on our Recommit Journey Game Card. You'll earn one point for each task. Work towards entries to our raffle for center strength studio prizes, centered+STRONG fitness apparel and gear as well as a night at Devils Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa.

The Journey Overview

Find out more about the Journey. It's a great first step to put fitness first.

Join our Spring Vitality Retreat at Devils Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa May 21st-May 23rd

Approachable Nutrition


Spring is the Season of Rebirth and Renewal. Ellie Kempton from Simply Nourished Nutrition will teach us ways to Re-Energize and Re-Charge after these Challenging last 12 months. She'll share her inspiring Nutritional and Healthy Lifestyle Tips. Nobody does it better!

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6500 acres of Mountain Majesty


Ahh, fresh air. Many of us have been cooped up inside a bit too often this past year. With over 6,500 acres of mountain side majesty, enjoy the "socially distanced" hospitality of our "big sister," Conde Naste Award Winning Devils Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa.

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Fitness for All Levels


Strengthen your Resilience with our Fitness Workshop Schedule. Pilates Mat, Approachable Yoga, Fusion Fitness led by our Center Strength Team Members. Guided hiking. Ranch Creek Spa Specials. You'll find something on our list to leave you more centered, stronger and resilient.

Additional Activity Options at Devils Thumb Ranch


Come see how we’ve grown!

Check out our expanded weekend schedule at Center Strength South Gaylord. TRX classes are available at Center Strength South Gaylord and at our Golden location. Barre classes are now available at Center Strength South Broadway and Golden.